Nancy White, N.D.


About Dr. White

Nancy White is a Naturopathic Physician who provides health care services to adults and children with acute and chronic illness.  Educated initially as a social worker, Nancy worked as an Executive Director for an organization devoted to healing the effects of domestic violence, and later as an advocate providing home based health services in a rural county to medically disabled adults.

Always drawn to healthcare, she made the decision later in her career to attend medical school in Portland Oregon where she graduated in 1993.  In the past, she has taught The Clinical Treatment of Environmental Medicine to fourth year medical students as an adjunct professor at the University of Bridgeport. 

Beyond her love of gardening, Dr. White is often heard talking about how much she loves the practice of Naturopathic Medicine because of the strength and philosophy of that practice.  She knows from 20 years of experience how even a simple shift can create a permanent life change.  “I feel it is an honor and a gift to work with the people who choose to trust me in their journey towards better health”.

Her Medical Practice:

Dr. White’s practice includes adults and children who suffer with acute and chronic illness, as well as those who simply want to improve their health.  It is routine to treat patients with acute or chronic gastro-intestinal disease.  She also specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of seasonal allergy and environmental illness, including lead and mercury toxicity, chemical and pesticide burden, and other forms of environmental insult.   

Her work is very eclectic, incorporating a wide range of treatment options including the use of homeopathic medicines, herbal tinctures, homeopathic drainage remedies, tools for digestive repair and other support as needed.  Allergy testing and nutritional counseling are standard with each new patient.  

Her Philosophy:

Dr. White believes in finding the cause of an illness rather than just managing the symptoms of disease.  That this can be accomplished by taking the time to listen and look at the whole person.  She feels that when we work together to correct the underlying issues, the results can be long term lasting health.  

We all deserve a healthy life.

I offer a free 15 minute phone or office consultation for prospective patients, providing an opportunity to personally answer any questions about me and my practice and how we can work together to best address your specific health concerns.  

Please call 860-236-2166 to schedule your free, no obligation consultation and take your first step towards better health.