Yvette Law


About Yvette Law

Yvette is a CT licensed massage therapist (Lic #2539) and certified reflexologist in practice since 2000.  She received her massage training at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newington and completed her reflexology certification there in 2001.  Yvette is also an active member of the CT Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association. 

Yvette began her professional life in the field of accounting, receiving a bachelor's degree in accounting in 1985.  After several years working in a major corporation, she began her search for a vocation that better matched her personality and talents. 

It took many years before realizing that the profession of massage therapy combines her interest in health and wellness, one-on-one contact with people and her primary desire to have a positive impact on the lives of those she encounters. 

Yvette offers therapeutic massage and foot reflexology.  Her massage session use a combination of techniques that are tailored to the needs of the client on that day.  She listens closely to the verbal information shared during the client intake and then listens with her hands as the session progresses. 


* Swedish Massage: The gentle manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. Consists of long flowing strokes that relax muscles, increase circulation, and help the recipient obtain a feeling of connectedness. 

* Deep Tissue Massage: Techniques that penetrate deep into the muscle tissue to alleviate trigger points, chronically tight muscles, break up scar tissue and promote soft tissue healing.  

* Myofascial Release: Techniques that gently stretch and mobilize the connective tissues (muscle and fascia) in the body. Restrictions in the fascia are often the cause of pain and restricted movement. This work is very effective in improving circulation and increasing freer movement throughout the body. 

* Reflexology: A holistic therapy that stimulates reflex points in the feet that correspond to all major organs, glands and body parts. Through the use of firm but gentle manipulation of the reflexes in both feet reflexology aims to clear the body’s energy flow so the body may once again function effectively and normally.  

She empowers each client to understand that the massage session is their time and gathers input about depth of pressure, areas worked, the amount of light, temperature and selection of music. 

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email:  allaboutbalance@live.com